Oh friends! I am so excited! I have been wanting to share a little sneak peek at the products I offer. My professional lab is simply amazing. All of their products are made with earth friendly materials and earth friendly inks. They are so beautiful and unique and I know I am proud to have a personal lagniappe canvas of my girls hanging in my studio area. And I am so glad I am able to offer my clients fine art quality products that will last for years and years. My computer screen is also calibrated so the color from the printed products matches what I see on the screen. I had no idea how different prints turn out from various labs. The products included in my collections as well as my a la carte list turn out exactly how I intended them to. I love that I don’t have to worry about the quality my clients are showing their family and friends and I don’t have to worry about my artistic representation looking off because the color isn’t correct.

Okay, enough about my opinions. I’m sure you simply want to see my albums.

dark brown album from side dark brown album ivory album from the side ivory album

Friends, I am so glad I am finally blogging this beautiful wedding. I seriously had so much fun with this couple. And the thing is, this is the first of my weddings that I am blogging so I’m not really sure what all I should include in my little blog post.

Nick and Shandi got married near Jack Creek Campground on the Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest just outside of Saratoga, Wyoming. They got ready in the Jack Creek Crew Quarters which happens to be a cabin people can rent to stay in. The ceremony was just outside the cabin and overlooked the forest which offered breathtaking views. The couple love spending time outside and wanted their wedding to reflect that. Shandi made all of the decorations and no detail was left un-noted. Nick made the arch that was used in the ceremony. Afterward, all the guests headed over to the Platte Valley Community Center in Saratoga, WY for the reception, which as always, is a lovely venue.

AND, this is my first wedding to ever be published! I submitted this wedding to Rocky Mountain Bride and they featured it on their blog! I am so honored and feel so blessed to have been chosen as a feature.


Rocky Mountain Bride Featured Vendor husband and wife gazing into each other black and white couple in a field


Oh friends! I am so excited to share that Nick and Shandi Cary’s wedding (which I photographed) was just featured on Rocky Mountain Bride’s blog!! I have been keeping all of these photos under wraps until they were published on their blog. Soon, I will blog about the Cary’s wedding, but until then, check out RMB to see their favorite images from the day.

What a nice little break I have taken (feel free to read “Relaunch” to learn a little more about my hiatus. And now I plan on bombarding you all with updates and photos that I have been working on and keeping under wraps until I was able to get things together. So thank you so much for sticking around.

This maternity sessions was probably one of my favorites to date. Marie (of Sweet Marie’s Bakeshop in Saratoga, WY) wanted some of her photos to be very transparent, real, and authentic. The others, we did outside and even though it was chilly, she, Tyler, and their darling daughter, Tylie were troopers and were willing to go play by the North Platte River, just north of town (Saratoga, Wyoming). Carbon county is really proving to have such beautiful locations.

And the wonderful thing about such amazing friends allowing me to take their pictures is I get to capture such an amazing bond and leave them with products that they can cherish for the rest of their lives. That means so much to me, when clients have albums, prints, or canvases (wrapped and langiappe) they can look back on, to remember a special moment in time. I feel like so many people just leave their digital photos on their computers and hard drives (which actually makes my heart a little sad). I really encourage those I work with to print those photos and to hang them on their walls, display them on their tables and mantels. In 50 years, when they no longer can access those files on their hard drives, they will never regret having an album from when they were pregnant with their second child.

Okay, off my soap box and on to the photos. 🙂

Pregnant lady at window couple kissing while holding toddler in Wyoming little family, mom with baby bump family playing near river mom and baby from behind Silhouette of pregnant couple

Hello sweet friends.

I am finally getting around to posting my first blog post on my new website. Sad thing is, I can’t transfer all my old blog posts here. But I will be trying my hardest to “re-blog” some of my favorite sessions from the past 1.5 years.

My old website was created through a free website platform and was limited in the amount of modifications and personalization I could do. Being creative, this was terribly annoying for me. And of course, living in the middle of nowhere (Saratoga, Wyoming) meant that I didn’t have access to a tech savvy friend that could assist me. Yes, I do plan on paying a designer in the future to really personalize my brand, but for now, I had to step up to the plate. I know my website is still very basic and will be a work in process for a while, but I already like it so much more than my old site. I plan on adding more content over the next couple of months, but will likely not “share” that I have added more until I feel like I have a base. So check back often to see what I have been up to.

As for my hiatus, I have to say “THANK YOU” to everyone who has been so patient with me. This winter was an extremely tough time for me personally, and as such, I took a major (unintentional) step back from my business. I am finally at a place where I can see a little perspective and am excited for the possibilities in the future. And with that, I am so thankful for those clients, friends, and family who supported me, loved me, and were so understanding. This really meant the world to me.

But now I am back. 🙂 And I am ready to start taking on sessions again. I am even thinking of putting out some model calls in Carbon County (Encampment, Rawlins, Saratoga, Riverside, etc.) so I can urge my creative juices to start flowing again. I am ready to create. And to remember why I am an artist.

And, for fun, I will post the first image I posted on my old website. This is a photograph taken at the top of the Snowy Mountain Range, near Lake Marie. I love this stunning landscape, with its craggy rock faces, as well as the trees, sun, sky…. it’s simply breathtaking and I love that we live in such a beautiful area of the United States.  mountain landscape

View from the summit in the Snowy Mountains