couple cuddled under blanket

Okay sweet friends. This was such an amazing e session (engagement). Not only was the weather amazing, the colors were gorgeous, and they were such an adorable couple, but we almost got attacked by a moose. Yep, you read that right. So, let me start from the beginning.

I was contacted to do an engagement session for them. We planned on going into the Snowy Range mountains near Laramie and Saratoga, Wyoming. They wanted the fall colors included because the aspen trees were all golden and beautiful. So we planned on heading up. I had the perfect spot that was past Centennial and just outside of Ryan Park. We pulled up and hopped out of the trucks. Luckily, Mac and Allison had brought their yellow lab. We started walking towards this adorable path with all the yellow aspen leaves and their doggie ran in front of us, towards the trees. Out jumps this moose, less than 50 yards from us, stomping and raring mad. Mac saw a baby moose in the trees. This mama was protecting her baby. We backed away slowly and got the dog to follow us and leave her alone. And of course, we had to move and find another spot. But what a fun story! And it was very fitting that we were right there, on Moose Trail.

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